In the beginning….

Steph’s story, from the beginning………..

As a small child Stephanie always showed a passion for animals.  In particular big cats.  We saw her passion ignite when watching documentaries.  Even at a young age Steph understood the plight of big cats.  She always said “It’s not right that people kill big cats”  “It’s not right that they are losing their homes.”  We knew conservation was going to be her journey.


Stephanie was born with congenital glaucoma and a mild to moderate intellectual disability.  She also has challenges with reading, writing, eye sight and hearing.  None of her challenges have interfered with her passion.  We have always encouraged our children to follow their dreams.  Steph is no different, except to say that she needs support to achieve her goals and dreams.

This is where her support team comes in.  Which is made up of family, friends and like minded conservation conscious people.  Stephanie’s first trip to South Africa was 4 years ago in 2013.  This was a holiday with mum and dad.  We stayed as guests at the Global White Lion Protection Trust in the Limpopo region of South Africa.  It was an amazing experience.  Linda Tucker and her team are doing incredible work protecting white lions.  The volunteers that were there changed Stephanie’s life.  She is now a volunteer herself and is presently experiencing her 3rd consecutive trip.  Her first two trips with support carers was at the Global White Lion Protection Trust.  The picture below was taken last year 2015 with Linda Tucker, the founder of GWLPT, Jason Turner and the team.

Volunteers 1

In 2016 Stephanie traveled with her brother Martin as her support carer.  They were away for four weeks.  Last year, for the first time they are volunteering at the Love Lions Alive Project in the Free State of South Africa.  Their second two weeks will be back at the trust.


Thanks to Rotary of Crawley who endorsed our relationship with the Global White Lion Protection trust and who support our fundraising efforts, we have been able to donate to the trust to continue their amazing work to give white lions a protected endemic environment to call home.  We would also like to thank all those wonderful volunteers that have made our fundraising causes happen and to the people who want to make a difference by attending our fundraising events and supporting our cause.

Thank you

Angy (Steph’s mum)


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