South Africa Volunteer Trip 2016 – Week One


I’m sorry its been a week since we have posted, it has been a busy week. We arrived in Johannesburg safely last Friday morning, adventured around the airport to find our rental car then we were off.


After a fun 3 hour drive we made it to Love Lions Alive sanctuary at the Appin farm in the free state of South Africa.


We met Andi and the volunteers when we arrived, everyone was so lovely. Andi gave us a tour of the sanctuary, we met all of the lions, then Andi showed us our living quarters. We got ourselves sorted after a long days traveling. Excited for what tomorrow would bring.


Ever since day one we have been helping and experiencing as much as we can. A normal day at the sanctuary consists of breakfast, fence checks, heading up to the camp where we help build, lunch, more building then down to the homestead where we start a fire have dinner and relax.


Steph has met all of the lions and has been growing relationships with them all. Everyday we get closer with them, one of Steph’s main jobs is making sure all of the lions have fresh drinking water.


It is a very important and excellent job which she thoroughly enjoys and the lions always give her a big thank you.


Nearly everyday we also have to go fetch food for the lions which is a very important and dirty job. Everyday there is something new and exciting to do. The family of lions and volunteers here are so warming and friendly. They make you feel like family as soon as you get here. Andi is an amazing women with such a passion for saving and protecting these beautiful animals. We have been having the most unbelievable time here.


Yesterday we went on a day trip to Clarens a small town an hour away from the farm. It was really nice to have a day of driving through this beautiful country. In Clarens we had a lovely lunch and did a bit of shopping but the most exciting part was driving through the golden gate reserve where we saw impala, zebra and especially black wildebeest. The terrain through this area is magnificent with huge rock faced mountains, large tree filled valleys and grassy fields.


Steph was so excited to tick the Black wildebeest off her list of animals she has encountered in South Africa. We will have another nice chill day today before starting work again on Monday.

I will try posting more regularly, keep your eyes peeled for our next installment…………


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