Week 2


Hi again, we had a successful week 2 at Love lions Alive. Filled with more building of the volunteer camp, collecting food for the lions and relaxed evenings generally having a braai under the stars.


We had Amazing lightning shows every evening with a decent few nights of rain. The lions are doing very well and Steph is keeping them well hydrated every day. Clayton one of the volunteers left on Friday so we had a braai and said our goodbyes. Our last couple of days at Love Lions Alive were very relaxed. Steph went on a day trip with Andi and her daughter Shinead to an enormous lake nearby and a few other places in the area on Saturday . On Sunday we all hung out together on one of the decks we had built and sat with our feet in the pool to cool down and just enjoyed the time we had left at this beautiful sanctuary.


On Monday morning we said our goodbyes to Andi and the Lions. With sadness we left Love Lions Alive although a very bitter sweet moment. With excitement of our new adventure with the Global White Lion Protection Trust.


Tale and Lina two volunteers from Love Lions Alive drove Steph and I to Johannesburg airport for our flight to Hoedspruit. Our flight ended up being delayed 3 hours so we had quite a long wait and journey by the time we arrived at the GWLPT.

Once we arrived at Mbube where the volunteer camp is we got settled in and cleaned up, had a quick bite to eat, then went to find the Lions. We have had two beautiful Experiences with the Pride at Mbube since arriving. One last night in the dark which was quite special and the second this morning when we went on our first morning lion check. We have been having a nice relaxing day so far planning our two weeks here and relaxing in the heat. We will be heading to Tsau tonight to see Linda and Jason, then helping supplement the Pride there.

We will update with our adventures and more photos very soon.


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