Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.  2017 – New beginnings.

Last year flew by.  This year is zooming by again.  We are two thirds of the way through our first month and are making plans for this year.  Have you set your goals for this year?  One of Stephanie’s goals is to return to South Africa to do more volunteering.  We are looking for a support person to go on this adventure with Stephanie.  If you have a burning desire to help lions in their struggle for survival, then volunteering may be something you could consider doing.  Make sure you do your homework before going overseas and volunteering.  There are lion farms that breed lions for the sole purpose of selling their life to the highest bidder.  Hunting.  Canned Hunting – the legal business of breeding and killing lions.

Should you chose to volunteer at the Global White Lion Protection Trust or Love Lions Alive, which we recommend for you to do, you will be part of a team of people dedicated to the survival of lions.  These are not canned hunting facilities.  The GWLPT is about providing white lions with an endemic environment to live free and safe.  Love Lions Alive provide lions with a natural environment for them to  live out their lives in peace freedom.  Wherever you chose to go, you can rest assured these big cats will be looked after with love and respect.

SBCCQ will be working hard this year to raise funds to support the GWLPT and Love Lions Alive in their endeavours to give lions a life filled with love, respect and freedom.

Watch this space for upcoming fund raisers.  If you would like to get involved with SBCCQ, write to Angy (Steph’s Mum) at angyh@iinet.net.au


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