During her travels to South Africa in 2013, Stephanie met Linda Tucker from the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and was inspired by her passion for protecting the White Lions of Southern Africa. Upon her return to Australia, SBCCQ was formed, and initially was made up of Stephanie and her parents. We have now grown into a small but passionate group of people dedicated to supporting Stephanie to achieve her goals in life. 

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Stephanie & Linda – 2013

Since our inception in 2013, SBCCQ has focused its energy on  supporting the Global White Lion Protection Trust.  We raise funds to pay a support person to travel with Stephanie to be actively involved, hands on, working with many other passionate volunteers to protect this majestic species. We are very proud to be partnered with Rotary of Crawley, who endorsed us when we first started and continue to support us today.

Our team is made up of Stephanie; her parents Angy and John; her mentor and advisor Katie; fellow volunteer and support person Leanne; our intrepid volunteer team …, …, …., and ….; our photographer Peter; and our web design and marketing guru Emily. You can read more about our team here.