Meet The Team


stephStephanie Haynes is the co-founder and ambassador of Stephanie’s Big Cat Conservation Quest. She is a very driven young woman, with a mild/moderate intellectual disability and a huge passion for big cats. Having wanted to go to South Africa to see them in their natural habitat her entire life, she finally made it for her 21st birthday. Visiting the Global White Lion Protection Trust was a highlight in Stephanie’s life, and upon her return to Australia she promptly set about ensuring she could visit again and again. She has now been to the Trust to volunteer several times, with the assistance of her team here at SBCCQ. Stephanie’s major concern is the dwindling numbers of rare animals, especially the world’s big cats – and in particular her favourite, the white lion of Timbavati. Stephanie is a member of Rotary of Crawley and was awarded a diversity scholarship in 2011.  RoC supports Stephanie to achieve her passion; in 2015 Stephanie was awarded the Shine On Award from Rotary of Southern Districts for her community and conservation work. In addition to all this, Stephanie is an Gold Medal Olympian having participated as an equestrian in the Special Olympics in 2012-2014.


Untitled design(1)Angy is Stephanie’s mum, and co-founder of SBCCQ. Due to Stephanie’s disability, she needs as much assistance as possible to fulfill her dreams. And what else are mum’s for? Angy shares her daughter’s passion for protecting the lives of the big cats, so that future generations can witness their wild majesty. Angy is also a member of Rotary of Crawley, and is the driving force behind SBCCQ.


John is Stephanie’s dad, and like all dad’s he supports his daughter’s dreams 100% Stephanie inspires him to be the best he can be, and like Angy he shares her passion for protecting those animals that need us.


A fellow Rotarian, Katie is a great friend, wise mentor and inspirational teacher to Stephanie. She has many great ideas that drive the fundraising efforts of SBCCQ. Katie inspires and motivates our small group of warriors, and always teaches us to never say never.


EmilyEmily recently joined us, and is using her talents in webs design and marketing to help us brand SBCCQ. This effort will help us create something bigger, and hopefully be able to have a much further reach than we currently do. Emily has always been passionate about helping those in need, both human and animal alike. She comes to us with a wealth of African knowledge, having traveled there many times.